MS EQ COMP – FREE Midside Compressor

Internet Co. recently released a FREE mid-side equalizer and compressor plugin called simply MS EQ COMP. The plugin is available both for Windows and Mac OS platforms. It is a straightforward plugin in design and function which we’re quite grateful for, it’s part of what makes this such a quality plugin.

The effect features a 3-band equalizer specifically for adjusting the center or the sides. If you aren’t interested in getting that type of processing you can link the modules in order to work in stereo by pressing a clearly labeled and easy to see button at the bottom of the plugin’s GUI. A bonus feature is a preset manager where you can save and recall your favorite presets.

Internet Co. features this description on their website –

MS EQ COMP can encode standard STEREO (left/right) signal to MS (middle and side) and add EQ and Compressor separately to middle and side, also edit the volume and pan. The output signal is decoded to STEREO (left/right) finally.

It helps you to correct the stereo image and the sound ambience of the whole music, or add the effects to the signal of the particular instruments (for example, drums, vocal, narration, etc) on MS basis.

Internet Co. has their own suite for editing and mastering audio so it comes as no surprise that their MS EQ Compressor plugin is up to snuff. If you’re looking for a piece of freeware capable of mid-side processing then look no further. A caveat, however, is the required download of their plugin manager, if you are put off by the prospect of downloading a third-party app in order to get your freebies then this may not be for you.

You can find the Mac and Windows download pages if you click here and go to the Internet. Co website.


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